6 things on my to-do list this holiday season

This blog is about creativity and all that wonderful junk, but I’ve honestly been too knackered these past few days to create much of anything. Even my gratitude lists are beginning to suck. Look, it’s the holidays, and everyone’s getting busy (trying to buy the best stuff), but as chaotic as it gets this time of year, there’s a lot of creative energy in the air. On the other side of things, the urge to consume is amplified to obscene proportions, too. So, how do we stay balanced and afloat during this crazy month of December?

Here’s my attempt: I spent the only morsel of creativity I had coursing through me this morning to make short list of things I want to consume before the holidays are over. Disclaimer: in the spirit of this blog, the following list is brazenly self-centred in nature. Oops.

someone took a bite
  1. Eat fruit & drink water like a maniac

    It’s winter. The heat is blasting, it’s freezing outside, and the sun hides on most days. Not only is my skin and hair hella dry, but my vitamins are lacking and my energy is low. Bottom line, I figure a surplus of fruit will do me good this season.
    It’s living food, after all: literally alive and in its “natural” form. The water you get from consuming raw fruits and veg is pure and quenching, and the fact is, water tastes really good when flavored with anything from cucumbers to raspberries. It’s all pretty compatible.

  2. Indulge in coffee, tea, and cocoa

    Not gonna lie, I love a hot beverage. Give them to me all day, every day, but if we’re being honest, all that dairy, sugar, and caffeine isn’t the best stuff for your girl. I’ve got plans to cut back on them in the New Year, but for this upcoming month, I’m going to let myself indulge. It’s the holidays, right? Yeah, it’s the holidays.

  3. Read a good ass book

    I found myself reading a lot this past summer, but over the fall, I turned far less pages. I’m setting a goal this month: I want to get into a really good book during my free time. I got one recently on a whim (I liked the cover) called The Atomic Weight of Love by Elizabeth J. Church – maybe I’ll give it a try. I was also in the middle of a library book called The Hangman’s Daughter, and that was good, so I might finish it. Either way, I’m craving a novel.

  4. Find quality music to listen to

    I like to fill my mornings and evenings with music, so I’m always looking for good playlists, albums, and artists. Lately, I’ve been in the mood for sultry winter jazz and ambient natural music. My favorite evening playlist on Google is currently Scandinavian Stargazing, but in the mornings, there’s usually bossa nova coming out of my bluetooth speaker. The last indie pop artist I found that I’ve really liked is Toronto native MorMor, whose songs and videos are gorgeous to ingest. I’m hoping to discover more gems this December.

  5. Watch a captivating movie

    I’ve been wanting to sink into a good film and really like, watch it. It doesn’t even need to be an English movie, it could be in any language, but it needs to capture my attention for up to two hours, I guess. I gotta browse Netflix later and make a playlist of possibilities. I’m already stoked to snuggle up on a snowy day and watch a good ass movie.

  6. Finish a t.v. series

    So, this might make me look childish, but I recently started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, and WOW. What an actually good show. Intense storylines, great characters and development, with an overall dope world. Good job, Nickelodeon, seriously. I’ve been slacking on it, but I’m trying to finish the last season this month. I genuinely can’t wait to see how the Fire Nation is brought down…lol.

That’s all for now – I’m about to make a huge cup of milky tea with honey, browse Netflix, and choose a book to keep by my bedside. ‘Tis the season!


P.S. Expect a bookshelf post in the near future;)

how to fall in love with yourself in 3 easy steps


Life is hard to stomach when you’re not your own friend. It’s much sweeter, thrilling, and more meaningful when you adore yourself. After all, you’re with yourself 24/7, and will be for the rest of your life (and possibly after). It’s a worthy endeavor to work on loving yourself! Self-Love is a pretty easy principle to understand but a difficult one to embody. It’s tempting to loathe your own existence, especially when it’s so normalized in today’s millenial culture, in which death is desired and it’s funny but also sad and infuriating.

I say forget self-hatred and to hell with self-pity. Commit to self-love. You deserve you be deep in love with yourself and now’s the time to start falling. This is about you. You are worth committing to. It’s not going to be instantenous, and as I’m writing this I’m still learning, but here are a few things that can help you along:

  1. Observe cats.

    Cats are interesting to learn from because they exude unadulterated confidence and are supreme at stepping into and radiating self-love. Watch how they care for and carry themselves, and honestly, take mental notes. Cats are good at this stuff.

  2. Embrace failure.

    I challenge you to challenge yourself to make a mistake. Give yourself enough room to fail at something, small or big, and when it happens, surrender. Sit with that feeling of failure and then let go of it. Notice that you’re still alive and life is moving on. When you eliminate judgement of yourself, you move away from fear and closer to love.

  3. Add lemon to your water

    This is honestly just something simple you can do that makes you feel like a classy supermodel.

There you have it, folks. A simple pathway towards the gift of self-love has been paved for you!

Obviously, I’m kidding: there’s no easy one-size-fits-all way towards an optimal relationship with yourself. In fact, I’m not an authority to instruct others on how to get there because I’m not quite there myself! However, the point I wish to highlight is that self-love is an important thing to put your time and energy into. It’s a personal decision you have to make and commit to seriously. The more insight I gain on the topic, the more I’ll be able to share. Cheers!